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Neo Mags Spot Magnets set of 4

Magna Pak

  • 6500
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High Strength neodymium spot magnets. The Neomags are sold in a set of 4.  two 1" magnet and two .5" magnets, 1/8" thick, plus ten adhesive patches.  Manufacture gauss rating 13,500 per neodymium magnet. The magnets are coated in a waterproof nylon coating which allows the user to wear in the shower without rusting.  Wear North pole facing the body for relief of pain and inflammation.  Apply the spot magnets with our adhesive patches or medical tape.  Adhesive patches are also sold separately if you need more. 

These magnets are great for hard to reach areas.  Use one spot magnet with the adhesive patch or place one magnet against the skin and a second "sandwiched" outside your garment. Magnets work best when placed over sore pressure points.  Ideal for shoulders, elbow, knee, neck, back, hips and feet.

The magnets should be worn at least two inches apart to prevent magnets from snapping together and pinching skin.  


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