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Magnetic Therapy Car Seat

Magnetic Therapy Car Seat

Magna Pak

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Use for aching back and legs, comfortable in the car or chair.

Contains 76 X 1100 North facing gauss magnets.  Cozy faux fur cover is removable and washable.

Magnetic Seat Cushion Dimensions:
Seat bottom: length (back to front) by width(side to side) = 17” x 17”
Seat bottom: thickness = 2”
Seat Bottom: number of magnets = 40 - each magnet is 26mm (1") diameter by 1mm thick
Seat Back: height (bottom to top) by width(side to side) = 19” x 17”
Seat Back: thickness = 2”
Seat Back: Number of Magnets = 36 - each magnet is 26mm (1") diameter by 1mm thick

Magnetic Material: Grade 8 Ceramic
Manufacturer’s Rating: 4000 Gauss
Surface Gauss: 1100 Gauss (each magnet)
Penetration: 20” (50cm)
Polarity: North-Negative (-)

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