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Golf Glove Magnet Powerdisk

Golf Glove Magnet Powerdisk

Magna Pak

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Improve your golf swing. Place the powerful magnetic North pole power disk inside your golf glove flap using the velcro provided. Focuses magnetic energy into the hand using a powerful 3950 Gauss magnet. The magnetic field also relaxes and reduces grip tension. Improve your swing today.

Following is an excerpt from an article on September 3, 1998 entitled "Magnets Becoming Par for the Course": "Colbert strapped magnets onto his back, put magnetized insoles in his shoes. And what happened? With a final-round 67 in a Florida senior tour event, he came from eight shots off the lead to finish one off the winning score. Colbert has been wearing magnets ever since, and has won well over $5 million, 11 tournaments and consecutive Senior PGA Tour player-of-the-year awards (1995-96)."

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