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Energy Balancing Ceramic Block Magnet

Magna Pak

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CERAMIC BLOCK MAGNET - 5" x 2" x 3/4" Only available in USA. Canadian shoppers visit
Also known as the Energy Balance Magnet.
Versatile magnet used for therapeutic use, energy balancing, or for magnetizing your drinking water to North polarity. Use the North side of the magnet for pain control. The Ceramic block magnet is made from 3950 Gauss ceramic material. Encased in heavy duty plastic and clearly marked North on one side and south on the other side of the magnet. Can be used to make revitalizing, good tasting North pole magnetic water. Simply place a container of water on the magnet for a few hours.

Use this magnet for Energy Balancing -
If you are right handed then the right side of your body is South Pole, the left side of your body is North pole. For Right Handed people for General Wellness and energy balancing, apply North pole energy to the right hand and south pole energy to the left hand for 30 minutes. Repeat this process using the same polarity application on the feet.

Ailments affecting the right side of the body, apply North pole to the right hand and South pole to the right foot.

Ailments affecting the left side of the body, apply South pole to the left hand and North pole to the left foot

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