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Magnetic Mattress Pads Clinical Studies

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Studies with infrared equipment show magnets have an ability to increase blood circulation. The benefits associated with increased blood circulation may be one explanation of why they work. Magnetic fields also appear to have an influence on the neurons that transmit messages to the brain, which may explain how they affect pain sensations. Many users report a better night’s rest and a deep, restorative sleep. Recent clinical studies confirm the benefits for treating conditions such as fibromyalgia.

Sleep and the lack of sleep effects many aspects of our lives as well as the relationships with others. A lack of sleep can affect your health and well being as well as limiting the ability to perform in a normal manner. Many people lose sleep because of chronic pain conditions that can be relieved by using the correct magnetic mattress pad. In a classic study Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome Dr. K Nakagawa was able to provide proof that the Earth’s magnetic field has greatly reduced in the last several centuries. His study indicates this lack of a normal magnetic field may be part of the reason for many of the chronic pain disease conditions of today such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and etc. This is undoubtedly the main reason magnetic mattress pads are of such benefit in relieving these conditions.

Several double blind clinical studies have shown that properly designed magnetic mattress pads are effective in relieving chronic pain and improving quality of sleep, and that pain relief continued to improve over time.

1) "Magnet Therapy Reduced Fibromyalgia Pain, Reports New Study” Magnet therapy reduced fibromyalgia pain according to a new University of Virginia study published in the February 2001 Issue of The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. One group used Pad A, which provided whole-body exposure to a low, uniformly static magnetic field of negative polarity. The effects of using North/negative magnetic energy in this group reduced Fibromyalgia pain intensity enough to be "clinically meaningful,” Another group using Pad B, which provided whole body exposure to a low, variable positioned static magnetic field of ALTERNATING (bipolar) polarity, showed an improvement in all outcomes after 3 and 6 months - although the results were statistically inconclusive.

2) Magnetic Mattress Pads Use in Patients with Fibromyalgia, A Randomized Double-blind Pilot Study, conducted by Agatha P. Colbert, M.D. Clinical Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA. Conclusions were simply this; "Sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad, with a magnet surface field strength of 1100+-50 Gauss, delivering 200-600 Gauss at the skin surface provides statistically significant and clinically relevant pain relief and sleep improvement in subjects with Fibromyalgia. No adverse reactions were noted during the 16-week trial period." "The results of this pilot study demonstrate that sleeping for an average of 8 hours per night (prone, supine, or side-lying) on a mattress pad which delivers a 200-600 G static magnetic field, for 16 weeks, provides significant pain relief and sleep improvement in women with FM. Because pharmaceutical agents are associated with a high rate of adverse effects and offer only minimum relief for the majority of patients, we recommend a trial of magnet therapy, as a non-invasive, painless, low risk adjunct to standard medical and physiatric interventions."

3) A study using magnetic mattress pads, carried out over a 1 year period in 3 of Japan's foremost hospitals: by Dr. Cazuo Shimodara. The total number of patients in this double blind clinical experiment was 431 (216 male, 215 female). Some patients were given the magnetic mattress pads and some were given non-magnetic pads. None of the 431 subjects knew which pad they were sleeping on. Subjects selected for the experiment were patients with neck and shoulder pain. The conclusion of this year-long study was: Magnetic mattress pads proved effective on neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, lower limb pain, insomnia, and fatigue, and to have no side effects." 

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